What is Kief, How Do I Get Kief and What to do with Kief?

We get a lot of people asking us what is kief, and how do they collect the kief, and when collected, what to do with it.

We will tell you what kief is, how to get kief and what to do with kief.

Well, we’ll start off by telling you what kief is. Kief is also known as “keef” or even “kif” according to Wikipedia. Kief refers to the resin glands of cannabis that accumulate in the bottom of weed, cannabis and herb grinders. The kief contains a much greater concentration of psychoactive elements such as tetrahydrocannabinol (more commonly known as THC) than the rest of the weed. This is what makes kief very enjoyable to use as you don’t need as much material in order to get the same effect on your body. The THC is the compound that gives a euphoric feeling that can last for up to half a day. Some people compare the effect of the kief to an opium like high. We would advise you to use kief responsibility.

We have created an article about what we think is the best grinder for kief on our website, and we would advise these grinders for maximizing your harvest of kief.

How to collect kief?

Now that we know what kief is, how do we go about collecting kief? Kief can be collected in a number of different ways. Each has there on own advantage and disadvantage. If you require a large amount of kief, the best way to go about doing this is to rub leaves over mesh screens made of stainless steel or other metallic material. Do not use any other material such as acrylic as the kief can become contaminated with toxins. Kief machines exist where they take a large quantity of leaves and rotate these leaves against a drum and the glands of the leaves fall off. But since I don’t think you will be collecting kief on an industrial scale, you can collect kief using a convential kief grinder. When buying a grinder, double check that the grinder has a kief catcher, otherwise you will not be able to collect kief. Another technique which you could use to collect kief is by truing to bang the grinder while the weed is the grinding section. This will allow some kief to travel to the bottom compartment.

What To Do With Kief

Now that we know what kief is and how it can be collected, we will answer the question, what to do with kief? Kief can be smoked in a conventional joint but since the material of the kief is so finely ground, it will burn a lot quicker than normal weed so be quick to smoke! The majority of marijuana smokers will only add a little bit of kief intot their normal tobacco in order to give the tobacco that extra kick. Each person will have their own personal preference. We advise that you experiment to see what works for you and constantly try different techniques.

Another interesting way of using kief is to make products with infusions. For example, you can bake cookies or brownies with this. Just ensure you don’t offer this to any minors! Due to its potency, you will only need a small quantity of kief in order to feel the effects so don’t add a lot.

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