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Top 3 Best Grinders Review
  • 98%
    Golden Gate Grinder - 98%
  • 85%
    Space Case Grinder - 85%
  • 84%
    Santa Cruz Shredder - 84%


The Golden Gate Grinder is the best value for money grinder we have reviewed – check out the Golden Gate Grinder on Amazon. We would advise you to read the latest reviews which should help you make your mind up.

We are often asked what are the best cheap grinders for weed, marijuana and herb. Cheap in this case doesn’t necessarily mean cheap in quality, but cheap in price. The quality and workmanship of the Golden Gate Grinder for example is second to none. So we thought we’d recommend the following grinders which provide a good grinding performance but also don’t break the bank in the process. You could also consider other grinders such as the Diamond Grind, Smart Crusher Grinder and the Sweetleaf Grinder.

Whilst all these grinders are very professional, here is what recommends as the top 3 best cheap grinders.

What are the Top 3 Best Cheap Grinders?

Number 3 – Sharpstone Grinder

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Sharpstone Grinder Review

If you want a cheap yet good quality metallic grinder that grinds your material efficiently and effectively, then this could be the best grinder for your needs. The Sharpstone grinder has had many good reviews (see Sharpstone Grinder Review for an in depth review). The grinder also looks great, so this definitely one of the best cheap grinders on the market today.

Number 2 – Space Case Grinder

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Space Case Grinder Review

The teeth of the Space Case grinder function like tiny teeth which systematically cuts through your herb with ease.

The Space Case is small and portable, so you are able to carry around the grinder without it taking up too much room in your pocket. The Space Case is suitable for people who have Arthiritis as the Space Case is very simple to use and grind. So you don’t need somebody to help you use the grinder if you are using the grinder for pain relief purposes.

Read our in depth Space Case Grinder Review to see if this grinder is right for you!

Number 1 Best Grinder – Golden Gate Grinder

Undoubtedly, the best value for money grinder in our opinion is the Golden Gate Grinder.

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This is undoubtedly one of the best cheap grinders and gets top marks from us.


Here are some of the Golden Gate Grinder reviews on Amazon.


The Golden Gate Grinder is different from other grinders in that it is made of special aluminium which prevents rusting and the teeth will not degrade over time. This grinder is built to last. Our review team commented on the razor like teeth which cut the herb rather than rip and tear the grinding contents. The kief catcher at the bottom of the grinder also came in for some praise.

Read our full Golden Gate Grinder review to see if this grinder is suitable for your needs, or check out there website here.

We hope you enjoyed reading our review of the best cheap grinders on the market.

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