Santa Cruz Shredder Review

Santa Cruz Shredder Review
  • 93%
    Santa Cruz Shredder - 93%


Californian made, these grinders are fantastic quality. The only medical grade grinder on the market, you know this grinder is going to do the job. We’d recommend you check the latest price of the Santa Cruz Shredder on Amazon was recently asked to do a Santa Cruz Shredder Review. This has been touted as the best grinder on the market at the moment, but is all the hype just marketing spin, or is this a truly great grinder?

Santa Cruz Shredder

These grinders are made on location in sunny California. So you know these grinders are going to be of the highest quality and not simply imported from the middle east for 20 cents a go. In terms of quality, this grinder gets a big tick.

What makes the Santa Cruz shredder unique is that it is the only medical grade grinder on the market. It had to pass a number of panels to get this status. So if medical professionals advise it, it must be great! This allows medicinal marijuana patients to use this grinder. The Santa Cruz shredder is ultrasonically cleansed with sound waves and a special solution in order to remove any foreign bodies during the manufacturing procedure.

The grinder is also different from other grinders in that it is made of anodized aluminium which is scratch resistant. This means this particular shredder will not corrode and the teeth will remain in tact. The shredder also uses interesting magnet technology to ensure the closure of the grinder remains steadfast and the grinding procedure is therefore improved as a result.

Here is a video of the grinder in action:

Design of the Santa Cruz Shredder

This particular grinder is a little bit bulkier than conventional grinders but this is essential given the quality of the grinder. You could maybe have another grinder for when you are on the move if the bulkiness is a problem. The shredder also has an ergonomic design which makes the device easy to rotate. The grinder comes in either two or four compartments.The teeth are not the conventional shape as seen by most grinders. gamecih apk download They are square shaped and razor sharp which allows them to cut in both directions. The teeth are made of aluminium and the teeth will not contaminate your marijuana with aluminium.


From the Santa Cruz shredder review, we found the resultant material to be perfectly fluffed. The ground material is of best consistency and the quality really is second to none. The grinder has a compartment for kief which collects over time, so when you run out, just go to the bottom of the grinder to harvest and smoke!

Santa Cruz Shredder Review – 9 out of 10

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If you’d like to tell us what you thought of the grinder, contact us by clicking here. We hope you found the Santa Cruz Shredder Review helpful. Other grinders to consider include the Kannastor Grinder and the Masterdam Grinder.

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