Kingtop Grinder Review – Is the King Top the Best Grinder?

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    Kingtop Grinder - 94%


This grinder comes with 45 razor sharp teeth which cut through your grinding material with ease. The magnetic lid allows the grinder to act as a storage unit. It is constructed of superior quality Zinc alloy which we found to be very impressive. The Kingtop Grinder is available on Amazon. The grinder also comes with a 1 year warranty, so if you have any problems, just return it for a no quibble refund.

We have been asked to complete a Kingtop Grinder Review as it has become one of the leading grinder brands on the market recently. The KingTop 4 Piece 3.0″ Weed Spice Herb Tobacco Grinder Zinc Alloy, Large, Black grinder is a fantastic unit which comes from the brand Kingtop, and has earned rave reviews and feedback from consumers who have used the unit and subsequently left positive reviews on our website. So what makes the Kingtop stand out as the best grinder to buy. Read on to find out!

Kingtop Grinder Review

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Check out our Kingtop Grinder review and see why this is one of the best grinders for weed.

Features of the Kingtop Grinder

  • It is available in four pieces, and comes with pollen catcher.
  • It is constructed out of long-lasting zinc alloy. There are 45 sharp teeth which offer a superior grind.
  • It can be used to grind spices, teas, tobaccos and herbs. It can be used for grinding herbs to use as medicines and for making herbal teas.
  • There are no risks of spillage of contents. Magnetic lids on the device prevents ground contents from coming outside.
  • It can be used as tobacco grinder, spices grinder and even a marijuana grinder.

Advantages of the Kingtop Grinder

  • Most consumers have appreciated the device for its ability to offer an even grind, whether it comes to spices, tobacco, weed, bud or herbs. It is simple to grind herbs to a small and fine consistency. Due to the sharp teeth, a smooth grind is achieved.
  • A major advantage of the unit is the fact that it does not leave large chunks behind. The materials are kept within and you will not have to dump the contents onto paper.
  • The unit works really fast. You can get your material ground in half the time compared to a manual grinding session. For people who plan to use the grinder for spices, it is able to grind large amount of spices very easily.
  • The device has been built to a very high quality, and most buyers have not reported any real construction quality defects.
  • The Kingtop Grinder can used very easily – a point that has been appreciated by most consumers. Put a small amount of your material in the top compartment of the grinder and twist its upper section back and forth. Once finished. you have to unscrew the bottom in order to collect the finished grind.
  • Cleaning the grinder is very easy. There is also a small brush offered with the Kingtop Grinder, which lets you clean the screen with utmost convenience. A plastic scraper allows cleaning of the teeth easily once grinding is done.


A few buyers have commented that the grind is not able to grind all types of spices very smoothly. However, this is a common issue with most grinders available in the market today.


All in all, this is a must-have grinder and is one of my own personal favorites. If you are looking for a solid grinder that works fast and does its job well with almost anything that you throw at it – spices, herbs, weeds, tea or tobacco – this is just the kind of grinder you should buy. Make sure you consider some other grinders such as the Ohuhu Grinder and the Shtriker Grinder.

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