iRainy Grinder Review – Should You Buy the iRainy 5 Piece Grinder?

The iRainy Grinder has quickly become one of the most popular grinders for sale at the moment. So we thought we’d complete our very own iRainy Grinder Review. Is it really worth the hype? Or is it another grinder that is distinctly average. Read on to find out.

iRainy Grinder Review – The Features

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The iRainy Grinder is made from hard wearing and strong zinc alloy. While it is not made of aircraft grade aluminium like some other grinders (such as the Golden Gate Grinder and the Apex Grinder), it still makes the grinder quite durable. But then again, because it is made of a zinc alloy, it is not as heavy as some of the other grinders we have reviewed. This means it is more suitable to being carried around in your pocket..

In terms of the grinding experience, we were mightily impressed by the ease at which the grinder was able to grind the herbs we tested.  This is made possible due to the presence of the durable ring design. Only a few twists of the grinder are all that is required to complete the grind.

This is 5 piece grinder with 4 chambers, complete with not one but two mesh screens. The fact that the grinder is fitted with a strong magnetic lid is crucial for its portability. There is no way that the lid will fall off by mistake in your pocket. This means there will be no embarrassing accidents! Don’t worry about any smells coming from the grinder when it is not in use, so you can use it as a storage container as well.

In terms of cleaning, we found it to be pretty straight forward to ensure it was perfect for using again. We know that cleaning a grinder can be a real pain, but we didn’t have any issues with the iRainy Grinder.

As far as I could see, the iRainy Grinder doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty. Most new entrants to the market have this lifetime warranty, but the manufacturers simply state that if you ever have a problem with the grinder, just contact them. Maybe they’d be able to offer a replacement free of charge? Who knows! It is quickly becoming the industry standard to offer the lifetime warranty, but because the iRainy Grinder is one of the cheaper grinders available for sale these days, maybe they using this as a saving to offer the inexpensive price?

If you have your own view on the iRainy Grinder, be sure to let us know and we will add your views to our iRainy Grinder Review. Good luck in your search!

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