Golden Gate Herb Grinder Review

Golden Gate Grinder Review
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    Golden Gate Herb Grinder - 95%


This is one of the best grinders we have reviewed in our opinion. Check out the latest price on Amazon for the Golden Gate Grinder before you make a purchase. It comes with a lifetime warranty, with large storage capacity and fantastic grinding performance which makes it a worthwhile purchase.

This is a new grinder which is available through Amazon at the moment. A lot of our visitors have asked us to do a Golden Gate Herb Grinder review for this grinder so we gladly obliged.

Golden Gate Herb Grinder Review

Check the latest price on Amazon

The Golden Gate Herb Grinder is the best grinder we have reviewed.


So what are the positives of the Golden Gate Herb Grinder?

First off, price! This is one of the best quality grinders we have reviewed which is available for a really competitive price. Make sure you check the latest price on Amazon by clicking the button above.

Like many of the competition, this grinder comes with a lifetime warranty. This is quite unusual for a grinder at this price point so this is very advantageous.

Our panel found that the Golden Gate Herb Grinder felt like a quality item. It is easy for these grinders to feel flimsy, but we were impressed when we first held the grinder. Because of its large size, our respondents found it was very easy to grip and therefore comfortable to grind. It is made in San Francisco, California rather than being imported from Asia so you know this is an authentic American product.

The grinder is anodized rather than painted which is necessary in all modern grinder products. This means you are safe from being poisoned by the paint on the teeth as non anodized grinders will deteriorate over time and your material will have tiny little fragments of paint in it – that wouldn’t be good!

The grinder is also magnetized which means the grinder will not open unless you specifically open the grinder.

The grinder is a four compartment model and comes with its very own micron pollen catcher. Our respondents also noted that the grinder has a very large storage capacity so it is possible to store your material in the grinder even when you are not grinding, which is a very useful feature.

These GGG’s are made from just one piece of air craft grade aluminium which is strong, tough and looks professional. It should also be noted that the lid and the teeth of the grinder are all one piece of aluminium aswell. Mixed colours do in fact mean that the grinder is made up of mixed parts (for example, grinders which have black lids with a silver body are two separately made pieces and are not reliable). You are guaranteed reliability with the Golden Gate Grinder.

And it comes in both silver and black. The silver model looks especially good!

Golden Gate Herb Grinder reviews on Amazon

This grinder has had some excellent reviews. That is quite rare for a grinder especially at this price. This only goes to highlight how special this grinder is. Golden Gate Grinders state on their sales page that they pride themselves on offering excellent customer service, and this is something they do and numerous customers comment on this fact.

This grinder could challenge some of the more established grinders such as the Space Case and the Mendo Mulcher. I would go as far to suggest that this grinder would be the best grinder to buy if you are on budget.

Also, Golden Gate Grinders are planning to release more models of their grinder in the coming months, so look out for updates on our website about the new Golden Gate Grinder.

We hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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