Golden Bell Grinder Review

Golden Bell Herb Weed Grinder
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    Golden Bell Grinder - 95%


This is one of the best grinders we have reviewed. With it’s lifetime warranty included, this grinder truly offers excellent value for money. Check the latest price on Amazon for the Golden Bell Grinder.

Many people who keep an eye on the latest grinders may have come across the new kids on the block – Golden Bell, so we thought we’d complete a Golden Bell Grinder Review. They are not to be confused with Golden Gate Grinders. In August 2016, Golden Bell grinders lept to near the top of the best sellers charts on eBay.  We hope you find this review of the Golden Bell to be helpful.

Golden Bell Grinder Review

What many of our customers want to know is the Golden Bell Grinder of good enough quality to grind material such as herbs and marijuana? Well, they seem to back up their claim by offering a lifetime warranty on the grinder. If for any reason you don’t like your new Golden Bell Grinder, you can ask for a refund. It is certainly worth taking a chance on this grinder before purchasing a more expensive model, such as the Space Case.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Our Golden Bell grinder review shows that this is one of the best grinders for weed.

The grinder itself is a 4 piece grinder with three separate chambers. It comes fitted with a fine mesh screen which allows pollen to filter. The diameter of the grinder is just over 2 inches, with a height of 1.65 inches, which means it can be easily carried around.

The grinder is made of a rather unusual zinc alloy. Higher quality grinders such as the Golden Gate Grinder are made of aircraft grade aluminium. It would be interesting to sell how durable over time the Golden Bell grinder would be compared to the competition.

What we did notice was that there was a durable ring included which really makes the grinding experience very easy and pleasant. It easily cut up our material into a fine consistency with only a few turns. The teeth of the grinder are particularly impressive. They are diamond shaped which ensures that the material in the grinder is cut, rather than torn or shredded. The shape of the teeth allows you to control the fineness and coarseness of your grind so you don’t end up with a resulting material which is too fine or too chunky.

Cleaning the Golden Bell grinder is very straight forward and we were surprised at how easy this was to do. With other grinders, the teeth often hamper efforts to clean the grinder but not with the Golden Bell.

Customers were also impressed by the kief collector of the grinder. While not as big as maybe the Sharpstone Shredder, it is more than enough for the casual user. The pollen scraper helps with the kief collection and allows you to harvest it quickly and efficiently.

In terms of negatives, the zinc alloy is unusual in a grinder and it may degrade over time compared to the aircraft grade aluminium that we are used to seeing with other grinders in this niche. But if you have any problems, just ask for a refund and they will send you out a new grinder.

If you have any questions regarding the Golden Bell grinder, comment below and we will answer your queries.

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