Blackbirch Grinder Review – Should you Buy a Black Birch Herb Grinder?

We’ve been asked to complete our very own Blackbirch Grinder Review from numerous people who have noticed this new grinder on Amazon. So, we thought we would oblige. With the sheer number of different grinders that are available on the market at the moment, it can be difficult to select a grinder that matches your needs. What sets this grinder apart from the competition? Read on to find out!

Blackbirch Grinder Review – The Features

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The Blackbirch Grinder is made of the finest anodized aluminium (just like the Apex Grinder and the Masterdam Grinder) is coated in such a way so that the grinder doesn’t become scratched or damaged. The grinder will not even smudge! It is important to choose a grinder that is made of quality materials. If you decide to buy a plastic grinder, as you use the plastic grinder, tiny little particles of carcinogenic plastic can become detached from the poorly made teeth, and this could become contaminated within your grinding material.

The teeth of the Blackbirch Grinder are shaped like razor sharp diamonds which are able to seamlessly cut through the material that you are grinding. The manufacturers of the Blackbirch Grinder have challenged people to find a grinder with more teeth than their grinder. Think you know of one with over 50 separate teeth? Let us know!

The grinder is a four piece grinder which includes a pollen catcher, as well as a scraper. Harvesting kief at the bottom of the grinder is easy with the Blackbirch Grinder. When we tested the grinder, because the chambers of the grinder are large, we found that we only needed to grind the herbs once. The grinder itself can be used as a storage container when the grinder is not in use. This is made possible by the strong magnets that hold the lid of the grinder in place to prevent it from falling off. This means the grinder is great for carrying around in your pocket, as there is no way that the lid of the grinder will inadvertently screw off. The only way to open the grinder is to psychically turn the lid. This means that the grinder is air tight, and no smells will come from the grinder when it is not in use.

Only a few grinder manufacturers are able to offer a lifetime warranty – and the Blackbirch Grinder is able to offer this lifetime warranty to its customers. They say that if you ever have any problems with the grinder to send it back to them for a replacement – no questions asked. Quite a commitment!

Have you used the Blackbirch Grinder? Does it match what is advertised? Be sure to let us know and we will add your experience to our Blackbirch Grinder Review.

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