Best Weed Grinder – What is the best grinder for weed?

We are often asked what we believe the best weed grinder is on the market at the moment. As you will see below, we have taken the time to review some of the most well known grinders for weed and marijuana. Our panel ranked the Golden Gate Grinder as the best grinder for weed for a number of different reasons.

So why is the Golden Gate Grinder the best weed grinder?

We think the Golden Gate Grinder is the best weed grinder.

No Plastic Parts – This is very important because if you use a plastic grinder, little bits of plastic could become contaminated within your grinder. The Golden Gate Grinder is made of anodized aluminium which is of the highest quality meaning you can avoid this dangerous practice. The grinders themselves are made on state of the art CNC Machines. This ensures the Golden Gate Grinder has razor sharp teeth which won’t dull over time.

Large Number of Grinding Teeth – The Golden Gate Grinder has an incredible number of teeth – around 40. This is far more than many of the other grinders available for sale today. This means your ground material will be fine and ideal for smoking or vaping. Our review panel was very impressed by the performance of the teeth and it took less turns of the Golden Gate Grinder to finish the grinding process than other models.

Price – Check out the latest price of the Golden Gate Grinder here.

Lifetime Warranty – This shows the producers of the Golden Gate Grinder have complete confidence in their product if they are able to offer a lifetime warranty. And the fact they have such good reviews only goes to show this. If you ever have any problems with the Golden Gate Grinder, just simply message them on their website and they will be able to offer a free replacement grinder, no questions asked!

Made of one Piece – This is an important fact which is commonly overlooked. If a grinder has mixed colors, this means it has mixed parts making them more prone to a degradation in performance over time. Mixed parts and mixed colors mean a grinder is not reliable! This is not the case with the Golden Gate Grinder which is made of one piece of aluminium ensuring a flawless grinding performance.

Golden Bell Grinder
Over 1,000 Reviews on Amazon
Magnetic Lid Prevents Spilling
Money Back Guarantee
4 Piece Grinder Made of Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy
Golden Gate Grinder
Our #1 Recommended Grinder
Razor Sharp Diamond Shaped Grinding Teeth
Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Lifetime Warranty
KingTop Grinder
45 Shaped Sharp Teeth
4 Piece Grinder with Pollen Catcher
Glide Rings Allow a Fantastic Grinder
Available in Large 3" Size
Sharpstone Grinder
Made of Heavy Duty Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum
Clear Top, 4 Piece Grinder
Pollen Catcher
Razor Like Teeth
Cali Crusher Grinder
Cheap Compared to Other Grinders
Small and Compact
Anodized Finish
Magnetic Lid
Indian Crusher Grinder
Material Can Be Stored in Grinder
Comes with a Kief Catcher
Looks fantastic
Contains the Smell
Kannastor Grinder
Glass Fronted Storage Compartment
Drop Through Holes Prevent Over Shredding
Anodized Teeth Remain Sharp
Competitive Pricing
Black Tie Grinder
Best Quality Cheap Grinder
50 Razor Sharp Teeth
Magnetized Opening and Closing
Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum on CNC Machine
Smart Crusher Grinder
Cheap & Cheerful
2" in Size - Can Easily Be Carried
Magnetic Closing Mechanism
Strong Metallic Alloy Than Space Case
Sweetleaf Grinder
Available in Metallic & Wooden Versions
Stainless Steel Teeth
Different Sizes Available
Consistent Ground Product
Piranha Grinder
Cool Engraved Design
Cheaper than Space Case
1 Year Warranty
Comes with Pouch & Pollen Picker
Cosmic Case Grinder
Different Sizes Available
Magnetic Locking Mechanism
Ultra Sharp Razor Like Teeth
Mirrored Finish
Diamond Grind Grinder
Available in Different Colors
Sword Like Teeth
Kief Catcher Included
Grinds Very Quickly
Chromium Crusher
4 Piece 3 Chamber Design
Large Storage Capacity
Excellent reviews from customers
Great budget grinder
Electric Weed Grinder
Very Quick to Grind
Ideal for Medicinal Users
Good Gift Idea
Cheaper Than Many Manual Grinders

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