Where is the Best Place to Buy Bongs and Water Pipes Online?

We are often asked where is the best place to buy bongs and water pipes online. There are so many websites out there nowadays, and it can be quite a confusing process trying to navigate through them all to try and select the best bong and water pipe that doesn’t hurt your pocket. Bongs are essential for nearly every smoker who like to use herbs and concentrates, or for those who like to use both at the same time. So, without further a do, let’s take a look at two of our recommended websites for buying your next bong or water pipe.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Bongs and Water Pipes Online?

The Best Place to Buy Bongs and Water Pipes Online

Lemon Smoke

One of our first recommendations would be a website called Lemon Smoke (www.lemon-smoke.com/buy-bongs.html)

They are a website with a vast range of bongs and water pipes, and they say that if you can’t find your ideal water pipe or bong on their website, then it doesn’t exist! It’s hard to disagree with this claim, as they have just under 400 pipes and bongs to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, we are sure you will find the right product for your needs. Lemon Smoke pride themselves on offering only the highest quality water pipes, so you are guaranteed to get a long lasting pipe from their range, no matter which product you choose.

You can choose from plastic bongs, which are ideal for those who wish to use their bongs on the go, or for the accident prone! But, if you are not looking to carry your bong around, you can maybe select a bong from the glass range that they offer. Ceramic bongs and bamboo bongs are also available if you are looking for a different bong compared to everyone else’s.

Help Buying Bongs and Water Pipes Online

Smokers Plaza

Another website we would recommend is Smokers Plaza (www.smokersplaza.com). They too have a wide range of rather interesting bongs for sale. There are many different types of bongs they supply, including:

  • Percolator Bongs
  • Herb and Oil Bongs
  • Boxed Bongs
  • Multi Outlet Bongs
  • LED Base Bongs

It is possible to narrow down their extensive range still further by selecting the material that the bong is made of, the height of the unit, joint size, joint type, and even the color of the bong itself. They also stock a number of leading brands, including:

  • Black Leaf
  • Grace Glass
  • Blaze Glass
  • Basil Bush
  • Zoska and others…

No matter which of these two water pipes or bongs that you decide to buy, we believe that these two websites are the best place to buy bongs and water pipes online at the moment. If you have any other recommendations as to what are the best websites for bongs and water pipes, please let us know. For more advice on choosing the perfect bong, read our buy a bong buying guide.

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