Apex Grinder Review – Should You Buy an Apex Herb Grinder?

We have been asked by a number of people to complete our very own Apex Grinder Review. The Apex Grinder has only recently entered the market, and it has been selling relatively well on the various online retailers that it is listed. But, does it really provide you with a great grinding experience? We thought we’d take a look at this grinder in a little more detail, to see if it is a viable grinder for purchasing.

Apex Grinder Review – What are the Features?

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Like the Golden Gate Grinder, the Apex Grinder makes use of CNC technology. What does this mean exactly? Well, each grinder is made using a computer controlled machine to ensure each grinder is made precisely and with no loss in quality compared to the grinder made before it. It also means that the teeth of the grinder are razor sharp, which allows the teeth of the grinder to cut through the grinding material rather than ripping and tearing at it, which facilitates a uniform grind.

The grinder also markets itself as a solution to “pump up the potency”, if you use the Apex Grinder for marijuana. The grinder comes fitted with steel screens which are ideal for harvesting the pollen that falls to the bottom of the grinder. This is called kief, and it will be a lot stronger than the usual ground marijuana. It’s quite easy to remove this kief from the grinder, as the Apex Grinder comes with fitted with a pollen scraper to ensure even the smallest piece of pollen is removed from the grinder allowing you to use 100% of the material that was put into the grinder.

There is a bold claim from the manufacturers, as it says the Apex Grinder offers the smoothest grinding experience in the world! We tried it, and it certainly lived up to our expectations. It is made smooth due to the presence of the frictionless ring and magnetic top.

In terms of the material that the Apex Grinder is made of, each grinder is made with the finest quality aluminium, which is aircraft grade. This ensures that it is extremely tough and a lot more durable than other grinders at the Apex Grinder’s price point. The manufacturers are that confident about the quality of the grinder, that they are offering a lifetime warranty on each grinder with free shipping! This is truly a great deal, and it could be thought that the Apex Grinder is a grinder for life. If you had any problems with the Apex Grinder, it is possible to contact the manufacturer and arrange a replacement or refund.

Overall, our Apex Grinder Review has found that the grinder offers excellent value for money and comes highly recommended from our review team. If you have any thoughts on the Apex Grinder, just let us know.

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