The recommended grinder is the Formax 420 Grinder, available on Amazon here. Read on to see why we recommend this product as the best grinder.

Golden Bell Grinder
Over 1,000 Reviews on Amazon
Magnetic Lid Prevents Spilling
Money Back Guarantee
4 Piece Grinder Made of Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy
Formax420 Grinder
Our #1 Recommended Grinder
Razor Sharp Grinding Teeth
Deep Kief Catcher
High Quality Aluminium Construction
KingTop Grinder
45 Shaped Sharp Teeth
4 Piece Grinder with Pollen Catcher
Glide Rings Allow a Fantastic Grinder
Available in Large 3" Size

It is always very difficult to try and find the best grinder to buy for your herb, weed and marijuana. That is where we come in to advise you on the best grinder to buy. We hope you find this article useful in helping you make your choice. We wouldn’t recommend buying a grinder at your local service station as they can be very dangerous. Our experts have examined the many grinders that are on the market today and we have found some great deals online for you to buy a grinder, which will end up saving you a lot of money while not compromising on the grinding experience. This website will answer questions such what is a grinder and what sort of features you should look for in a grinder and we will also advise upon what grinders to avoid. Based on our research, these are the best grinders on the market today:

Image of GrinderAmazon ProductFeaturesOur Rating (%)
Formax 420 GrinderSharp razor like teeth. Made from high quality aluminium, scratch resistant and comes with great reviews.98
Santa Cruz ShredderAnodized coating offers protection. Grip pattern aids in grinding. Diameter of 2 inches96
Chromium CrusherComes with limited lifetime warranty. Around 3 inches in diameter. Zinc alloy construction with pollen scraper.95
Phoenician GrinderPatent pending fast lock system. No threads. Excellent grinding performance.94
Platinum GrinderMade from aircraft grade Aluminium. Robust and strong. Sharp diamond like teeth offers excellent grind92
Cali CrusherFour piece grinder made from aircraft grade Aluminium. Stainless steel screen with Neodymium magnets90
Sharpstone GrinderFour piece grinder with clear top to view grinding process. 2.2 inches in diameter. Made from aircraft grade aluminium.88
Kannastor GrinderComes with an easy change screen. Made from Aluminium with a magnetic closure. Deep storage capacity.87
Golden Bell GrinderLifetime warranty four piece grinder with a 3 chamber design. Made of zinc alloy with pollen scraper.85

What is a Grinder?

A grinder for marijuana, weed or herb is a device that is used to make the material finer and less dense enabling the marijuana, weed or herb to be more easily smoked or used. A herb grinder can have one, two or three compartments depending on what product you choose. A marijuana grinder is normally made of wood, acrylic or even metal, such as anodized aluminium.

What is the difference between 1, 2 and 3 compartment grinders? And what is the best grinder?

So it can be quite confusing when you are choosing the best grinder in terms of the number of compartments. Here is the difference between the different marijuana grinders:

  • 1 compartment grinders (sometimes these grinders are called “two piece grinders”) have a single compartment where the marijuana, herb or weed is inserted, ground, and extracted. Since there is only one compartment, the ground material might be of differing size. There is also the problem of trying to extract the material once grinding has completed as the teeth of the grinder may be in your way.
  • 2 compartment grinders (sometimes these grinders are called three piece grinders) are similar to the 1 compartment grinders in that they have the same grinding compartment and they also have small holes in the bottom of compartment 1 that allows the material to fall into the 2nd compartment of the device. The advantage of this is that the grinder’s holes only allow ground marijuana, herb or weed to fall through giving a more consistent end product. It is also a lot easier to retrieve the material at the end of the grinding process since the teeth of the grinder will not be in your way. The two compartment grinders also tend to be more expensive than the one compartment grinders.
  • 3 compartment grinders (sometimes these grinders are called four piece grinders) have one more compartment  than a 2 compartment grinder. This allows a fine screen that separates it from the 2nd compartment. This is especially useful if you are using marijuana as your grinding material. We would recommend buying a 3 compartment grinder just for the benefit of the kief that will build up over time. When you’ve run out of weed, marijuana or herb, you’ll always have a suprise at the bottom of your grinder. We would therefore highly recommend a 3 compartment grinder as the best grinder.
This is probably the best grinder to buy if you use kief.
Kief is the substance that gathers at the bottom of a grinder.

What material should my herb grinder be made of?

Acrylic Herb Grinders would advise against using an acrylic grinder. These are normally cheaply made and the teeth of the grinder often break. This could lead to your herb, marijuana or weed being contaminated with the acrylic. When you smoke the material generated from the acrylic weed grinder, you will be ingesting potentially dangerous toxins.

Avoid an acrylic herb grinder as it could lead to dangerous toxins being consumed.


Wood Grinder for herb, marijuana and weed

Wood grinders are normally available in only 1 compartment grinders which may lead to ground material being inconsistent in size. Wood herb grinders are certainly more durable and safe compared to acrylic herb grinders. We at would recommend checking the wood grinder for varnish or paint. If this material is in the inside of the grinder, there is potential for the paint to be ground into the herb, marijuana or weed meaning you could be using or smoking paint aswell as your material! We would therefore advise against a wood grinder.

So does that mean metal grinders make the best grinder?

Yes, most grinders nowadays are made of metal such as aluminium or even titanium. Although it will be more than likely be titanium coated rather than made of pure titanium given the price of this metal compared to aluminium! As can be seen by these metal prices! So is aluminium the safest metal to be used in a herb grinder? There have been suggestions in the media that this metal in a grinder is unsafe, but medical experts are quick to deny these rumours.

Best Grinder – Our Recommended Top 5

Here is our guide as to what the five best grinders that are available to buy online at the moment.

5. Platinum Grinder

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Many believe that this is the best grinder for kief.

The Platinum Grinder is able to make it into our Top 5 because of its excellent build quality. It is vitally important to buy a grinder that has been made “precision milled”. If you don’t see any reference to this in a product description, then look elsewhere. It is made with aircraft grade aluminium, which ensures that even if you drop the grinder, it won’t become damaged. It’s rugged, and strong, and this is key to a long lasting grinder.

We found the shape of the teeth to be unique in that they are diamond shaped. This ensures that the material that is being grinded is cut, rather than shredded, and you only need to twist the grinder a few times in order to achieve a quality grind. The pollen screen is of good quality, and is able to filter out larger chunks that have not been grinded.

The grinder is also fitted with a powerful magnet made of Neodymium. This ensures the grinder stays shut when in use and not in use, so theoretically, there is no need to buy a storage container as you can just keep your material inside the grinder. All smells will remain within the grinder, making it discreet as well as safe. There is a great O-ring which allows the grinder to be used seamlessly and without too much effort.

Oh..and it comes with a lifetime warranty, so if you ever have any problems with the grinder, just contact the manufacturers and they will be able to facilitate a replacement.

4. Phoenician Grinder

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We think this is the best grinder for medical patients.

The Phoenician Grinder is available to buy in a range of colors, so you can be sure that you will select one that matches your taste. It comes fitted with a unique gripping system, which they call an “exterior lobe gripping system”. Yes, it sounds complicated, but all it means is that it can facilitate multiple gripping styles to ensure comfort each and every time that you use it. The lid that comes with the Phoenician Grinder has a little filter paper holder and ashtray, so it is excellent if you need to use it on the go. If you are using a grinder for medicinal marijuana, the Phoencian Grinder is ideal because it is being sold as a “medical grade” grinder. To give you further reassurance of its medical credentials, each grinder comes with its own ID.

In terms of the material that the grinder is made of, it is made of robust aircraft grade aluminium. This grinder is built to last. Bare in mind that the Phoenician Grinder has no threads, and comes with a unique fast locking system, which they are trying to get a patent for.

All in all, the Phoenician Grinder is an excellent option if you are looking for a medical grade device.

3. Chromium Crusher 4 Piece Grinder

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This chromium grinder has made its way into our top 3 best grinders.

The Chromium Crusher Zinc 2.5″ (~64mm) 4 piece grinder is one of the best grinders as sold by Amazon. The grinder is made of zinc and feels very solid with sharp teeth in order to give you the perfect grinding result. This grinder also looks great – although maybe too heavy to carry around in your pocket.

2. Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Part Grinder

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Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Part Grinder is our 2nd best grinder from our tests

The Santa Cruz Mini Shredder is perfect for medicinal marijuana use. This is a heavy use grinder which is reflected in the excellent quality – making it one of the best grinders on the market. The grinder’s teeth were specifically designed to give the user a fine material as an end result.

The Santa Cruz Mini Shredder has the best grip compared to some of the other grinders we have tested.

The Santa Cruz Shredder is a ultrasonically cleansed grinder, making it suitable for patients. So what does this big complicated word actually mean? Well,  other grinders which were washed or not even washed at all, the Santa Cruz Shredder grinder was passed under high frequency sound waves that removed all residue from the grinder.

This grinder also has a lifetime warranty – making it truly the best grinder. This is probably the best grinder to buy if you are an MMJ patient.

The Best Grinder – Golden Gate Grinder

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The Golden Gate grinder has become one of the most popular grinders ever produced which is shown by the remarkable feedback on Amazon it gets from past customers who have went ahead and reviewed the product. Golden Gate Grinders as if November 2015 have received over 1000 five star reviews on Amazon, which quite incredible. They focus on providing the customer with a superior grinding experience. The grinder itself has diamond shaped grinding teeth which effortlessly cut through the herb rather than ripping and tearing the contents which enables a uniform grind.

Such is their customer focused attitude, they even offer a lifetime warranty against any defects on the grinder. So if you have any problems with the grinder, they will be able to offer you a replacement – no questions asked.

The grinder has many unique features such as the powerful Neodymium magnets, which keep the lid tightly gripped to the grinder to ensure it doesn’t come loose during grinding. Also, this is useful when transporting the grinder since you are able to use the grinder as a storage container aswell. Our review team found that no smell came from the grinder when herb was stored, so it is very discreet aswell which is a very important feature.

There are no plastic parts with the Golden Gate Grinder – in fact – it’s made of just one piece. Grinders which have different colors for the main body of the grinder and the lid are different parts and manufactured separately, so are more prone to breakages and a reduction in performance as you continually use the grinder. The Golden Gate Grinder is made on a specially made CNC machine which ensures the lid and body of the grinder are one piece and function flawlessly. The manufacturers have thought long and hard about this grinder and it shows which makes it our most recommended grinder. recommends the following as the best grinder

We highly recommend you buy a Golden Gate Grinder. You will be getting high end performance that you can carry around for a very competitive price. The best grinder for MMJ patients is the Santa Cruz Shredder since it is specifically designed for medical use.